Initiating a weekly video news bulletin on green hydrogen

Soon to be expected: a recurrent videonews bulletin on green hydrogen, called ‘New Energy for Europe’.

Recents years and months SHOW a remarkable shift towards the development of a hydrogen economy on all continents. In fact there’s so much going on in the sphere of policy making, industrial planning and knowledge exchange that the public needs an overview. What are the most important H2 related developments for industry, transport, mobility and the built envorinment?

As a journalist-filmmaker, committed to focus on renewables, I became more and more passionate about the prospects for green hydrogen. Hydrogen allows for worldwide cost-efficient bulk transport and storage of renewable energy and can decarbonise energy use in all sectors. In my view green hydrogen is the missing link in the energy transition. It’s our ambition to offer such an overview on video.

We will be setting up a video news bulletin on green hydrogen in English and broadcast it on a regular base. Ten items in ten minutes. Interviews and reports in a professional journalistic setting. As initiator and traveling news reporter I’m happy to announce that Annabel Murphy (Euronews, Skynews) will do the presenting.

You can expect the first three bulletins just after the lockdown in January and February. For the follow up editions it’s vital to find some commercial partners and sponsors. Does this initiative speak to your mind and do you think you can add to this mission, then let us know. Your good advices and help are more than welcome!

Why relate to Europe? This is more or less ideologically inspired. Many people regard Europe as an aging continent, with vitality in decline. Europe lacks a binding project, a ‘grand’ plan for the future. Building up a hydrogen powered economy could deliver this. Greening our energy systeem with hydrogen might contribute to a new sense of optimism, and – in the end – will boost the economy. Neighbouring countries and regions like North-Africa could benefit as well.

In short: this is New Energy for Europe, a project that makes Europe strong and independent. Hope to hear from you. Kind regards, Roelf van Til