New Energy for Europe starts an ongoing series 'EUROPEANS'

SONG FOR EUROPE is an ongoing series. Video portraits of interesting people across the continent. The short movies will be produced by Roelf van Til, a senior filmmaker-journalist, who has been working for Dutch television as a current affairs reporter. Participants will be interviewed (in their own language) about their life, passion, and mission.

The output – in agreement - will be published on a YouTube channel

Do you know anyone who wants to be pictured? Maybe you yourself? Drop us a mail!

Roelf van Til
New Energy TV
New Energy for Europe

The first video portraits in concept:

Oksana Huda, mother of an Azovstal soldier

Otakar van Gemund, an activist with a NATO flag in Prague

Daniel Pitek, an ecological farmer in the Czech Republic:

Antonin Legner, as an engineer loves to build railway bridges

Mykola Kovalenko, Ukrainian art designer in Bratislava, makes anti-Putin posters

Patrick Baronnet lives an autonomous life in an autonomous house

Anna Jakušova, she is an evangelical pastor in a wooden church in Slovakia

Mila Haugová, poet from Slovakia: "Live and love in truth"

Moderated by Roelf van Til, New Energy TV