New Energy for Europe starts an ongoing series 'Europeans'

New Energy for Europe starts an ongoing series “Europeans”. Video portraits of ordinary and extraordinary people across the continent. The sum must result in a cheerful diversity of professions, characters and cultures. A song for Europe.

The short movies will be produced by Roelf van Til, a senior filmmaker-journalist, who has been working for Dutch television as a current affairs reporter. He will travel (zero-emission) through Europe and visit about a dozen of individuals every month ‘on location’. They will be interviewed about their life, passion, and mission. Some extra filming will deliver interesting ‘B-Roll’. In two or three hours time Roelf has captured enough video footage to compose unique stories.

The output – in agreement - will be published on YouTube and shared through social media. Since we still have to build a solid viewers platform we offer the first 10 movie productions for free. Interested? Drop me a mail!

Roelf van Til
New Energy TV
New Energy for Europe

The first video portraits in concept:

Mykola Kovalenko - art designer from Ukraine
3-minute video:
1-minute video:

Moderated by Roelf van Til, New Energy TV