"New Energy for Europe" FOUNDATION

New Energy TV is generating a top-100 list “New Energy for Europe”. We summon up the best and most promising companies in the sphere of renewable energy, CO2-capture and circular economy. Our research is based on almost 20 years of journalistic expertise in sustainable solutions.


Top Ten Solar Energy

Solar Monkey in the Netherlands
Sunsclice in Belgium
Sunpartner Technologies in France
Sunplugged in Austria
Dyaqua in Italy
Naked Energy in the UK
Swiss Solar Tech in Switzerland
Bisol Group in Slovenia
Savosolar in Finland
Roofit Solar in Estonia

Top Ten Wind Energy

Siemens in Germany
Saipem in Italy
Windpark Zeewolde in the Netherlands
Eleon in Estonia
Vortex Bladeless in Spain
Equinor in Norway
AEZ Wind in the Netherlands: WATCH MOVIE
European Energy in Denmark
EnerKite in Germany
Elicio in Belgium

Top Ten Green Hydrogen

SSAB in Sweden
Holthausen in the Netherlands
H2Energy in Switzerland
Everfuel in Denmark
WaterstofNet in Belgium
Enapter in Germany
CMB Tech Belgium
H2B2 in Spain
Ekinetenix in the Netherlands
SolarDuck in the Netherlands

Top Ten Energy Storage

INEOS in Belgium
Hyme Energy in Denmark
Elestor in the Netherlands
VoltStorage in Germany
EcoWatt in France
Natron Energy in Spain
AET Energy Storage GmbH in Germany
Energy Vault in Switzerland
SaltX Technology in Finland
Seaborg Technologies in Denmark

Top Ten Energy Saving

Blumfeldt in Germany
Isobouw in the Netherlands of Dewin Isolatie
Kiwigrid in Germany
Qpinch in Belgium
Lifesaver in the UK
Priva in the Netherlands
Pavatex in Switzerland
GroeneWarmte in the Netherlands
Ledmotive in Spain
Flexel International in the UK

Top Ten Biobased Buildings

Brikawood in France
Riko Hiše in Slovenia
SI-modular in Germany
Blokiwood in Belgium
Finch Buildings in the Netherlands
Hanffaser Uckermark in Germany
Strotec in the Netherlands
Huf Haus in Germany
Puustelli Group Oy in Finland
Drevostavby Bruno in Slovakia

Top Ten CO2 Capture Solutions

Carbon Clean Solutions in the UK
Carbominer in Ukraine
CarbonSpace in Ireland
INEOS in Belgium
Barton Blakeley Technologies in the UK
Climeworks in Switzerland
Novocarbo in Germany
Skytree in the Netherlands
CarbonOrO in the Netherlands
Reforest'Action in France

Top Ten Geothermal Energy

STEAG New Energies GmbH Erding in Germany
Enel Green Power in Italy
TownRock Energy in Scotland
Fraunhofer Research Institute for Energy Infrastructures and Geothermal Energy in Germany
Ammerlaan in the Netherlands
Eden Geothermal in the UK
Huisman Geo in the Netherlands
ECW Enwergy in the Netherlands
Eramet in France
Innargi in Denmark

Top Ten Transport and Mobility

GoCycle in hte ~United Kingdom
Phoenix Mobility in Czech Republic
LG Energy Solution in Poland
Fountain Fuel in the Netherlands
Rimac Nevera in Croatia
Felyx in the Netherlands
eScrambler in Sweden
Triggo in Poland
ZeroAvia in the UK
HE3DA in Czech Republic

Top Ten Agricultural Innovations

Nordic Harvest in Denmark
EntoCube in Finland
Agricool in France
Phytoponics in the United Kingdom
Meatable in the Netherlands
Respect Farms in the Netherlands
Bioinsecta in Czech Republic
HiView in the Netherlands
Vertiberry in Belgium
Kipster in the Netherlands

Moderated by Roelf van Til, New Energy TV